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  • Promotional and explanatory films for broadcast on the web, iPad, tablet, PC, or DVD
  • Art direction, visual concepts, storyboards, script based on your specification
  • 3D animation sequences to be included in a film, a website or presentation
  • FX compositing & video
  • Skins graphics for video presentations at conferences, seminars, exhibitions
  • Multilingual documents, silent or sonorous

DH3D pictures for science & technology

Since 2000, DH3D Studio creates animation videos in 3D or 2D with projects covering a variety of fields ranging from scientific medical research, for the industry, or institutions.
Ainsi, nos références clients sont des acteurs institutionnels ou industriels, des petites ou moyennes entreprises, start-up, des fabricants d’équipements médicaux, des laboratoires pharmaceutiques, des centres de recherche, des musées…
Thanks to a close collaboration with our clients, our 3D videos focus on the best audiovisual communication.
With DH3D, your projects will be clear and convincing.

3D Computer Graphics & Motion Design

3D & 2D video animation is a powerfull tool adapted to new medias, to complex projects or services as well asfor innovative technical features. It can help to understand and memorize marketing concepts to be broadcasted on your website, uncovered during an internal seminar or a public conference.
The technology of 3D computer graphics allows modelization and simulation of micro or macroscopic scales, concepts otherwize impossible to visualize by conventional means of representation. It gives life to products that are still in the design phase.
We work closely with our clients and their consultants, while paying particular attention to clarity. Our videos are always adapted to ensure relevance and understanding of your communication.

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